Amazon Listing Hijacking

Hijacking Amazon listings for Fun and Profit!


Amazon Listing Hijacking Question & Answers

Question: What exactly is listing hijacking?

Answer: Listing hijacking is how the Chinese counterfeiters are able to steal orders directly from your listing. I know what you are thinking, and NO they are not “hacking the Amazon system”. Amazon allows this to happen.

Question: Have you notified Amazon about the problem?

Answer: I have sent so many DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Notice) Take Down notices it’s shameful. Hundreds of legal notices to no avail. They remove the offending sellers then a new batch is back the SAME DAY. Typically within 15 minutes. Yes, 15 minutes.

Question: How pervasive is this problem?

Answer: Amazon has no tools in place to control Copyright, Trademark and Patent abuse. The most common abuse is Copyright. That involves the printing of items without the authority to do so. The Chinese sellers are allowed import thousands of SKUs, UPC numbers and claim to be selling the same items. This is not only Copyright Infringement it is fraud.

Question: How does that affect the legitimate sellers on Amazon?

Answer: The Chinese counterfeit sellers show up on the listings of the thousands of legitimate sellers and undercut the price. They print a bootleg copy off the item and ship it to the customer. Now the artist and the customer have both been ripped off.

Question: What happens when the customer get the counterfeit item and complains?

Answer: The defrauded customer in most cases knows they have been ripped off. They try to contact that seller but they are now using another name and the customer is left holding the bag.

Question: How does that hurt you?

Answer: The Counterfeit sellers are “hijacking” the listing so they are presenting to be selling as as distributor for my company. So I GET THE BAD FEEDBACK and I didn’t even sell the item. It really is a gold rush for counterfeiters.

Question: Why don’t you just stop selling on Amazon? Just close your account?

Answer: I asked Amazon seller support if that would remove the counterfeit sellers. They said it would NOT REMOVE THE COUNTERFEIT SELLERS. Here is a link to the letter I received from Amazon Seller Support.

Question: WTF???

Answer: Exactly!

Click to see Amazon listing hijacking in Action!

1. Follow the link below. (It is one of my listings.)

Click here to visit my T-Shirt Bordello Amazon store and view one of my listings.

2. Notice how it looks like you will be buying you item from T-Shirt Bordello.

3. Now select a size and you will see that the order gets stolen. Ships from and sold by information is now different.

4. The customer and I both get ripped off. It’s that simple.


This is not just happening to me. This is going on all over Amazon to thousands of sellers and millions of buyers. Many have given and just let the counterfeiters steal their work. We cannot and will not let this go unchecked.
If you are a Seller, Artist, Designer, or Inventor and you have been ripped off by Amazon and want to join the lawsuit send an email to

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