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Amazon’s Open Market is a Gold Rush for Chinese Counterfeiters

Amazon’s “Open Market” policy means it’s “Open Season” on your intellectual property.

Since the rollout of the new Amazon Open Market policy large and small brands alike have been crushed under the weight of Chinese counterfeits. The new Amazon policy prevents the “Gating” of brands and has turned the marketplace into an online flea-market.

The sales of T-Shirt Bordello have been cut by 95% as a result of this policy. Amazon support says they are not responsible for nor do they have the technology or resources to prevent counterfeit items from getting into the hands of the buyers. This indifference is plain to see in the email from Amazon support posted below.

Below is a typical response letter sent to an Amazon seller who has filed a copyright and counterfeit goods complaint. After begging Amazon to please protect his copyrighted material and jumping through hoops, this is the letter you get.

I have highlighted the most amazing parts to make it easier to read.

Greetings Seller,

Thank you for contacting Amazon seller support. My name is Sharan and I will be assisting you today.

I understand that you would like to restrict the Brand: T-Shirt Bordello on behalf of the brand owner as there are no re-sellers for the brand.

Please note that with regard to brand gating, as per the new policy introduced, sellers will not be able gate their brand as Amazon is a free market place and we do not restrict sellers from selling the same product with different offers in order to provide our customers with a wide catalog of options.

However, you might see other Brands Gated on Amazon, the reason being we would have received complaints from the Seller/ Buyer, hence in order to protect and ensure buyer satisfaction the Brands will be gated.

Hence if you face any infringement or other seller misusing your Product, you may write to us. I have provided more details below:


Exclusive Seller:
Amazon respects a manufacturer’s right to institute policies and rules to manage and control the distribution of its products. However, Amazon considers the enforcement of these policies and rules to be a matter between the manufacturer and the retailers. As a result, it would not be appropriate for Amazon to assist in such enforcement activities. You may contact any seller directly through’s website by selecting their storefront name and then clicking on the ‘Ask a Question’ button in the upper right-hand corner.

Please note that we do not consider the use of a product’s name to sell that product to in any way constitute copyright or trademark infringement.

If you believe this seller is offering an item different than advertised, please contact our Seller Performance Team. Any reports of a possible violation of the Community Rules and/or Participation Agreement are handled by our Seller Performance team. You will need to file a report with the Seller Performance team and provide an Order ID Number of a test buy that confirms your claim that these sellers are not offering the item(s) advertised. Please do not use the terms “trademark” or “copyright” in reports regarding products that are different from the detail page as this may cause a delay in the resolution of your report.

Please contact the Seller Performance team through the following form:

The rest of the letter is abbreviated so you don’t fall asleep.
– Don

4 thoughts on “Amazon’s Open Market is a Gold Rush for Chinese Counterfeiters

  1. From the looks of this, it seems that amazon is trying to just give you the run around so that they can leave the counterfeit products on their site so they can continue to make money the whole time and rip off the actual consumers that made amazon what it was before this started to happen. I have ordered products before and wondered why it was taking two weeks to get it from a US company because it came via boat from China

  2. Amazon has all the people, tools and technology to stop the abuse. The fact is they don’t want to. They are making big bucks off the backs of the little guys.

  3. Yeah that really is outrageous what Amazon is doing. I knew there was I reason I did not like them. I don’t like when I am looking for example for a bedskirt and I get 200 some pages of options. I try to buy American and support American sellers but when I click on an item that is USA I then get rerouted to some seller in China. No fair. I don’t care how cheap they are.

    1. That “rerouted” thing you mentioned is called listing hijacking. The Chinese counterfeit sellers pretend that they are selling the same thing and it’s just a cheap copy of it. You’re right it isn’t fair.

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