Break this Down For Jeff

This is easy to fix.
Amazon makes more money by not fixing it.



Amazon has done as little as possible for as long as possible to fix the counterfeit problem in the Amazon marketplace. As a matter of fact they have resisted common sense at every opportunity.  Thanks to Amazon’s greed I’m the last man standing at my company T-Shirt Bordello.

Amazon’s complete failure to apply any business logic to imported SKUs the Amazon marketplace has created an online counterfeit flea-market. This deliberate lack of oversight and basic decency has decimated my business and thousands of other small businesses like mine. In the video above I outline the problem on the Amazon marketplace in simple terms that even an Amazon “Rocket Scientist” can understand.

So now you have a choice. Do you continue to reward theft on a global scale? Do you think Jeff Bezos and Amazon are somehow more deserving than the creators of the work they steal? Or are you like most Americans and think you should get what you pay for, and hard work should be rewarded?

If you are a Seller, Artist, Designer, or Inventor and you have been ripped off by Amazon and want to join the lawsuit send an email to

Don’t just “Like” this page, “Share It“. This is not just a legal battle, this is going to a dog fight. If you think you will be the in the winners circle and stay safe on the porch, think again. Amazon will not do the right thing unless we make them.

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