Amazon will not stop the abuse

Closing your Amazon account will not stop the copyright abuse!


This is Amazon Crime in action. You cannot stop the copyright abuse by closing your account. Amazon is worst than the mob. I have contacted Amazon numerous times to have them “Gate my Brand” to protect me from the Chinese counterfeiters.

All efforts until now have proven to be futile. In final act of desperation I asked “If I close my account will the counterfeiters go away?” After all the listings are in my control as I am the BRAND OWNER and created the T-Shirt Bordello Amazon store. I also created all of the listings and all of the ASINs are mine. All of the counterfeiters are using a technique called “Listing Hi-Jacking”and they simply “piggy back” on the listings of other sellers.

I was shocked when I was told “I’m sorry but the other sellers on your listings will stay there even if you close your account”

I asked the support staff to please put that in writing for me.

Here is the the letter from Amazon Seller Support

Greetings from Amazon Seller Support,

Hello Don,

Thank you for your time today. My name is XXXX, the associate you spoke with earlier. I’d like to send you a follow up e-mail from our conversation today for your reference.

I was happy to assist you with your question on if you closed your account would it take all the listings off of amazon. As I said on the phone closing your account would take your listings off of amazon. However it would not take the other sellers listings off of amazon.

Here are some helpful links that you may refer to regarding our conversation today:

I want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist you today with this concern. If there is anything else that we can assist you with, please feel free to contact us back at Amazon Seller Support. Have a wonderful day!

Please let us know how we did.

Were you satisfied with the support provided?


Thank you!