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Amazon likes to say they are “not the seller”, we’ll see about that. The truth is Amazon is more than just the seller, Amazon is a cancer on the American landscape. Amazon is a destructive force that seeks profit at any cost.

Let’s get one thing straight.
Amazon is paid FIRST and ALWAYS in every transaction.

If you think that Amazon will watch out for your “best interest” then you are mistaken. If you thank that Amazon is TOO BIG to lose in WAKE UP. Juries are made of people just like you and me, not billionaires. This is not a legal fight, Amazon likes those. This will be a dog fight. We will not be quiet, nice or politically correct.

Our strategy is simple. We won’t be nice!

  • We will shame Amazon them at every opportunity!
  • We will bury Amazon’s legal department in FREE DMCA TAKEDOWN NOTICES!
  • We will deny Amazon the safe harbor on the web and social media!
  • We will deny them profit from the Fake reviews and Counterfeit items!
  • We will make public any and all dealings that are embarrassing to Amazon.
  • We will in simple terms change the public view of Amazon!
  • And finally we will make our case before a jury that will not be made of billionaires.

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Don Myers
Owner and Last Man Standing at T-Shirt Bordello