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Jeff Bezos – Reaching for the Stars

Jeff Bezos Reaching for the stars by standing on the backs of the people he stole from
Jeff Bezos is reaching for the stars, by standing on the backs of the people he stole from.

Welcome to This site is dedicated to telling the story of Copyright, Trademark and Patent infringement on It’s no secret that Amazon is on a rampage. We intend to expose the rampant seller abuse in the Amazon ecosystem. The invasion of Chinese counterfeit merchandise is a cancer on the American landscape.

The abuse of copyrights on Amazon is no secret. Mega brands like Apple, Run DMC, Birkenstock and others have fought with them for years. What is not known is the destruction of micro-brands by Chinese counterfeiters. Stopping the abuse is simple, the problem is Jeff Bezos and have no interest in stopping the Chinese counterfeit products. Amazon has grown 40% a year for the past 5 years. No legitimate business has ever done that before. Not even the ones that were later broken up as monopolies.

Jeff Bezos is reaching for the stars, by standing on the backs of the people he stole from.

Good job Jeff.

4 thoughts on “Jeff Bezos – Reaching for the Stars

  1. If Jeff Bezos can’t even keep Chinese counterfeit crap out of Amazon I wouldn’t want to go into space with his company. He should be ashamed for allowing his customers to be scammed by Chinese counterfeit garbage. The bootleg sellers on Amazon disappear, pop up with a new store and leave you holding the bag. They have laws against that. If Amazon was not the giant cancer that it is he would be in jail for fraud.

  2. Sooner or later this will get the attention of someone who can do something.

    What these guys being ripped off should do is pool some money and take it to the Senator that could most help them and “donate” it.

    1. That’s one of the possibilities. The only problem when you are fight Amazon is you’re fighting Amazon!

  3. It seems as though Bezos has only changed the policy on gating brands to just put more money in his pocket by defrauding the American people. The UK is next I’m sure. It doesn’t even make sense when the counterfeit products are only selling twice as many for half the price. Why wouldn’t he just allow the original copyright owner sell half as much for twice the price, should be the same money for him. Maybe he is responsible for the surge in counterfeit products being produced. is it him doing it on purpose?

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